WinWAP for Windows

WinWAP for Windows 4.2

WAP browser for PC

Visit WAP websites from your computer instead of your mobile phone. Additional features include a multi-tabbed interface, a code viewer, and the ability to save web pages in the WML format.

WinWAP for Windows is a browser that will allow you to navigate WAP sites using your PC.
The WAP sites are intended to be browsed through mobile phones. They use protocols and languages specially tailored for them.

But you will probably find that it is more comfortable to use your computer to browse those sites, instead of your mobile phone with a tiny screen and small keys.

WinWAP for Windows is a multi-tabbed browser that will make you feel at home browsing WAP sites. You will be able to access those WAP sites that are available in your country, just as if you were browsing them through your mobile phone.

You will also be able to save pages in the WML format, send links via email, find a word into a given page, view the code from a page or add bookmarks.

Perhaps one of the most attractive uses for this program is to chat with other users worldwide, connected through mobile phones. You will probably want to deactivate the annoying sounds that the program plays by default when opening a site, closing a windows and events like those.

WinWAP for Windows can be used in fourteen languages.

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